Conpago. Creating social connection through everyday routine

Conpago is an innovative technology company providing modern solutions to improve social
inclusion and connectedness for the older members of our community.

Conpago’s solutions boost the health and wellbeing of the elderly with an innovative use of the latest communication trends.

Our unique approach provides improvements in quality of life for the elderly and peace of mind for their worried families. When utilised in our enterprise environment suite, this will deliver tangible and measurable improvements in patient care, staff satisfaction and risk prevention.

In today’s world it seems we are constantly being given more and more ways to communicate but an ever diminishing amount of time to do it. Solving this puzzle is at the heart of our innovation.

We achieve this by taking humble household objects and transforming them into something more, communication devices. To do this we utilise PHD research conducted at the Queensland University of Technology, groundbreaking IP for which Conpago holds the exclusive rights.

Our management team