The Conpago Companion

The Companion is a tablet that is specifically designed with and for elderly users. With it’s simplified interface, enlarged buttons and two-step menus, everyone can learn to use the tablet and use its full functionality.

With the Companion, elderly get access to the latest smartphone technologies to message, video call or share pictures with their loved ones. The calendar system allows to book appointments or receive information about upcoming events, and the community option helps elderly to stay connected to friends in both the real and virtual world.

  • Easy to use

  • Voice and text messaging

  • Medication Schedule

  • Community Engagement

  • News and Radio

Conpago Dashboard

Using the Conpago Dashboard, staff members can check if their clients are safe, push notifications or messages, update clientele about appointments, or send medication reminders. By promoting local events, hosting virtual events, and connected people in the facility or village, organisations can build thriving communities around their services and boost a pleasant and meaningful care experience.

The Conpago Suite can be designed and tailored to any organization’s specific needs, with custom branding. The software can be linked to existing systems and solutions, such as employee scheduling or existing calendar systems, to allow for a seamless integration.

  • Admin control

  • Activity and health monitoring

  • Increased Engagement

Pepper with Conpago

Meaningful social connections are an essential element of happy and healthy ageing. Yet, 1 in 3 seniors in Australia are socially isolated.

At Conpago, we have made it our mission to help elderly stay in touch with their loved ones. By empowering elderly into the digital age, we aim to create care communities in which elderly, family members and care providers are all connected.