Combats Loneliness


Conpago uses a warm glowing light to alert loved ones when you are active. Through research we now know that seeing a glowing light to indicate loved ones are active triggers the same chemical reaction in the brain as physical contact.
By linking in with our every day routine, Conpago can determine when a daily routine is broken and something may be wrong. Conpago can then send alerts to the connected units or the smart phone so family members can check on their loved ones.
Through Conpago an elderly loved one or relative can at the push of a button send a request to your smart phone to call her. This means she doesn't have to worry about calling at a bad time and can easily alert you if something is wrong.
Receiving messages from loved one has been proven to release a chemical in the brain called dopamine which makes us feel happy. Conpago makes it incredible simple for elderly users to receive and send messages without learning any new technology.
At the push of a button you can start a video call with loved ones. Use the Conpago phone app to start a call with an elderly loved one or they can start a call with at the push of a button. No confusing software and no signing up to call services.
Set reminders for appointments or to take medications. Reminders can set using the device itself or can be set by a loved one or relative using a the Conpago smart phone application.
You can easily send a picture and a caption to a loved from anywhere in the world for them to see at their leisure. Send pictures using an smart phone app and when an elderly loved one is using an appliance within her daily routine the Conpago screen will light up and she can see each picture and caption.
Conpago is designed to be simple. The interface is designed so that you can communicate at the push of a button and even so that once Conpago is plugged into power and an appliance attached the elderly user never actually has to interact with the unit for it to work. True Magic