Conpago COVID Response Plan
Supporting our customers and clients

More than ever, we need to look at how coronavirus is impacting our elderly.



We are grateful to all the on-ground carers who are servicing the industry and providing the best care to our beloved seniors.

We’ve supported their efforts by:


  • Over 25,000 minutes subscribed to provide essential private & personalised rehabilitation sessions (like physiotherapy) to seniors
  • Scheduled group classes via our Conpago system
  • 1-to-1 video calls for seniors to connect to their loved ones
  • Helped seniors to have an outlet for communication.


  • Conpago helped care providers to close the feedback loop, swiftly through our digital survey system.
  • Helped Care providers to Meet with compulsory survey quota, regulated by the Government.
  • Data reports to suggest the impact of all the services provided, and cost saving through digital solutions.

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