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New app proves the power of music

As Queensland begins to emerge from lockdown, many of our seniors continue to be impacted by the loneliness of self-isolation. Now a simple new app is helping to improve their quality of life.

Conpago using robotics to reduce isolation in aged care

Loneliness and isolation is a key issue among the elderly: a UK report cited studies that suggest around five to 16 percent of the older population is lonely, while Australian Minister for Aged Care Ken Wyatt last year told the National Press Club that up to 40 percent of people in aged care facilities do not receive any visitors.

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Conpago - Today Extra TV Show

Conpago's very own 'humanoid' Pepper featured in this channel nine news story. Pepper visited Brisbane's Elements Retirement Living village in Springwood. Pepper helps increase social engagement for seniors.

Conpago Social Connections Project!

Over the past few weeks we have rolled out our Social Connection project in partnership with RangeCare (Flaxton). We’ve been working closely with IT Adviser Frank Vos, to organise and distribute tablets to a group of clients to see how they, their loved ones and RangeCare can benefit from Conpago.

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Conpago has been a dream to use to run my online exercise groups in an efficient and effective way. ’m now running multiple online group exercise classes and one on one sessions per week using the Conpago App.
David Lee
Conpago Staff user
The biggest advantage for me is communicating with my family, friends and [my care provider]. You feel connected, and I think that’s great!

Conpago Senior member
This connects mum back to the network that she had when she was more mobile in the community. Now she can access all the friendships she had over the years.

Conpago Family member
I haven’t been able to go into the [community center] because I struggle sometimes with my disability. Now I can start communicating, learning and seeing different things.

Conpago Senior member