Conpago Companion

A purpose built tablet that connects communities

The Conpago Companion is a tablet that is specifically designed with and for senior users. With its simple interface, large buttons and maximum two-step menu’s, everyone can learn to use the tablet.

With the Companion, seniors get access to the latest smartphone technologies to message, video call and share pictures with their loved ones. The tablet also functions as a community platform by giving access to local events and virtual communities, and as a health platform through virtual health services like doctor’s appointments, medication reminders and exercise videos.

  • - Easy to use
  • - Voice, text & video messaging
  • - Health & activity Support
  • - Community engagement

Conpago Lite

Powerful community application improving services and engagement

The Conpago Lite is a simple solution to connect clients, staff and relatives. This simple app can be downloaded on any device and gives access to social groups and community events. Through the booking services, clients can book into facility resources or request maintenance and care. The app promotes a healthy lifestyle by letting residents set health and activity goals.

  • - Social groups
  • - Events calendar
  • - Community engagement
  • - Booking & services

  • Conpago TV

    Interactive Conpago TV

    Imagine having your own TV channel that can be broadcasted across a retirement village, residential facility or even among home care clients. With the interactive Conpago TV, you can easily broadcast upcoming events, community news, exercise videos, telehealth services and much more. The Conpago TV links with client’s tablet and together give access to all community and health services, including a calendar, news, exercise videos and much more.

    • - Community & global news
    • - Promote local events
    • - Entertainment and livestreams
    • - Telehealth services

    Conpago Dashboard

    Admin tools for client management

    All Conpago products can be managed from the central Conpago Dashboard. Using this desktop login, staff members can check if their clients are safe, push notifications and messages, update clients about appointments and events, set up medication reminders and health services, and much more. The central platforms helps to promote engagement, and helps organisations to build thriving communities around their services.

    The Conpago Suite can be designed and tailored to an organisation’s specific needs, with custom branding and features. The software can be linked to existing systems and solutions, such as employee scheduling or existing calendar systems to allow for a seamless integration.

    • - Admin control
    • - Client management
    • - Health & safety
    • - Increased engagement

    Pepper with Conpago

    Pepper is a friendly robot perfectly suited for retirement villages or aged care facilities. Pepper is always happy to interact with residents, by having a chat, telling a joke or running exercises. Pepper is not only entertaining, but also helps residents with questions, informs them about upcoming events, and welcomes and checks in visitors.

    More importantly, Pepper brings residents, visitors and staff together in a common area. With Pepper’s friendly and energetic positive energy, everyone feels encouraged to join in and interact with Pepper and each other.

    • - Promote exercise
    • - Unite communities
    • - Support residents, staff & visitors
    • - Entertainment

    Conpago Smart Home

    Connected homes for independent living

    The Conpago Connected Homes helps seniors to live independently in their own home, while ensuring safety and security. By connecting to smart home devices, we can track activity and health trends to make sure the client is safe, promote a healthy lifestyle, and send out a warning when something is amiss.

    The smart home devices link into the other Conpago products and makes the engagement with technology easy and natural. Residents of retirement communities or home care clients feel safe, comfortable and connected while living in the privacy of their own homes.

    • - Health & activity tracking
    • - Independence
    • - Wearable connectivity
    • - Modern homes