• Engaged Care Communities

    High quality aged care is community-central. That’s why we use our technology to connect seniors to friends, family, health professions and the local community.
  • Client management tools

    A range of innovative products to help retirement villages and aged care providers to build thriving communities and promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • The Conpago Pepper Project!

    Robotic solutions in aged care to improve quality of life and help relieave care staff
About Us

Combating social isolation among seniors

With so much evidence showing the impacts of loneliness, we’re passionate about empowering the elderly to be able to digitally engage with their family and community in the ways that the rest of us take for granted.

At Conpago, we create solutions to bridge the gap by helping older people to connect with family, participate in their community, and lead an active and healthy lifestyle.


Innovation for Better Care

Conpago for Communities

The Conpago community suite has all the tools care providers need to turn their clients into thriving communities with access to events, messages, live streams and telehealth.

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Tools for Admins

All Conpago products can be managed from the central Conpago Dashboard. Using this desktop login, staff members can check if their clients are safe, push notifications and messages, update clients about appointments and events and much more

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Conpago Health

Conpago health products give users the opportunity to set, track and securely share their health goals. Conpago health links into all other Conpago products with seamless wearable integration.

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What we do ?

Engaged care

At Conpago, we are passionate about combating social isolation by creating smarter ways of communicating. By simplifying smart phone functionalities and installing them onto a specifically designed tablet, we help elderly to stay in touch with their loved ones.


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