• Community centered care

    We use our technology platform to connect seniors to friends, family, health professionals and services. Tablet, TV and mobile solutions available
  • Client management tools

    With all the rapid developments in technology, it can be hard for older generations to keep up. To make sure they do not miss out, we help elderly to connect in this digital world and provide community managers the tools they need.
  • The Conpago Pepper Project!

    Robotic solutions in aged care to improve quality of life and help relieave care staff
About Us

Bringing families together by changing the way we connect

Meaningful social connections are an essential element of happy and healthy ageing. Yet, 1 in 3 seniors in Australia are socially isolated.

At Conpago, we have made it our mission to help elderly stay in touch with their loved ones. By empowering elderly into the digital age, we aim to create care communities in which elderly, family members and care providers are all connected.


Innovation for Better Care

Recognise Different Needs

The Conpago products and portals are made to support the different roles often involved in providing support to an individual in care.

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Accommodating Experience

The greatest barrier for elderly to adopt modern technology is the lack of experience, but something designed for their needs could clash greatly with those of yonger generations trying to stay in touch. Each application is tailored to best serve the established knowledge-base

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Assisted Assistance

With consistent communication and metrics, those providing care - whether administratively or in-home - can have a better understanding of circumstances, medication, mood, and other care that has been provided.

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What we do ?

Engaged care

At Conpago, we are passionate about combating social isolation by creating smarter ways of communicating. By simplifying smart phone functionalities and installing them onto a specifically designed tablet, we help elderly to stay in touch with their loved ones.


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