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What is Conpago?
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Conpago supports your organisation create engaged communities

We understand that positive ageing begins with active communities.

Client ManagementAn administration dashboard to directly & easily interact with your clients

Engagement & CommunitySimple & powerful tablet to facilitate a community through communication, media and groups

Family connectionMobile application to involve and connect friends and family in the community


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The Conpago Suite

Transparency &
Feedback Loops

Conpago supports you to provide transparency of care towards your clients and their families, and uses integrated surveys and net promotor scores to measure client satisfaction.

Quality Standards & Customer-Centric Care

We know that delivering high quality care is your top priority. This is why we designed our system to help you meet all the latest quality standards and deliver customer-centric care.

Conpago Suite

Community Engagement

Nothing is more powerful than meaningful human contact. Conpago helps you to involve your clients in local events, form social groups and foster a thriving care community.

Health & Happiness

Everyone sometimes needs an extra push to stay active and healthy. With medication reminders, activity tracking and social features, Conpago helps your clients to age positively.

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