What is Conpago?

A Digital Platform for:

* Communication
* Client management
* Engagement

A Tool used by:

* Community coordinators
* Admins
* Care providers
* Clients and their family members

An Integrated platform with:

* Admin Dashboard
* Companion Tablet / Mobile App
* Community / Family App

A Software Solution for:

* Home Care
* Retirement Living
* Residential Aged Care
* and NDIS organisations, of any size.

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Core Conpago Components

Admin Dashboard

A digital tool for care providers to manage their senior members receiving care. Dedicated staff can connect with members via simplified Tablet / Mobile app. Automated (SMS, Email, In app Video/Phone calls, App notification).

Companion Tablet / Mobile App

A simple co-designed application for mobile and tablet to help Australians receive care from respected care providers and stay connected within their care community.

Family & Friends App

A free smartphone app (Apple / Android) for family and friends to connect with their loved ones and care community.

Key Features

Plan, Manage and Connect To Your Clients With The Conpago Dashboard

Client Communication

Directly communicate with clients and their family.

Check-in Assistance

Make sure your clients are safe through check-ins and calls for assistance.

Paperless System

Digital documentation uploaded for senior community, family and friends to access.

Activity & Health

Track activity, medication reminders and telehealth.

Export Report Data

Generate comprehensive reports on the impact of your organisation on your clientele.

Live Stream Events

Stream video to involve clients in community events.


Get real time maintanance requests to manage your assets.

Content & Entertainment

Curated helpful and relevant media content delivered with one touch.

Software Integration

Get your own app with your own logo, name and colors.


Business Operations

Conpago works seamlessly with many of the sector’s leading software to enhance your existing systems and processes.

Clear Business Analytics

Secure clear and concise business intelligence to optimise your decision making with comprehensive reporting.

Co-designed For You

No need to disrupt what is working for you. The configuration of your Conpago solution is collaboratively designed with you.

Transparent & Compliant

We provide full transparency of what services are being delivered and aligned with legislative quality standards.

Why Conpago?

Organisations we work with

What our clients and their clients say

The biggest advantage for me is communicating with my family, friends and [my care provider]. You feel connected, and I think that’s great!
Conpago Senior member
Conpago has been a dream to use to run my online exercise groups in an efficient and effective way. I’m now running multiple online group exercise classes and one on one sessions per week using the Conpago App and am able to continue to provide quality service to my clients who are unable to attend the clinic or prefer to exercise in the comfort of their own home.
David Lee
Conpago Staff user
Thank you Conpago for the opportunity to stay in touch with my exercise program and friends in the class in these uncertain times. I found the program easy to get into and use. A simple application such as this app, is all our age group needs. I would recommend this app to my friends.
Lynette W
Conpago Senior member
This connects mum back to the network that she had when she was more mobile in the community. Now she can access all the friendships she had over the years.
Conpago Family member
Like many administrators covid19 has been a challenging & innovating time in maintaining services to promote the physical & mental health of our older population.

Ali, Marley & the team at Conpago have provided solutions to these problems as well as a platform to address broader issues facing the aged care industry such as connectivity, efficiency (time & financial), health outcomes, choice and customer dignity. I am excited to see what is possible.

Prescare General Manager
Kris McMurdy
General Manager, Prescare

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We'd be delighted to discuss how the Conpago solution could assist your organisation.

Our Software Partners

Our Conpago solution integrates with many of the sector’s leading care and client management software including Ezihub, Salesforce, Turnpoint, Abibird, Silver Memories and more. Ask us how Conpago integrates with your existing business systems.

Additional software Integrations in progress 95%

Let Conpago work in parallel with your current software systems to:

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We'd be delighted to discuss how the Conpago solution could assist your organisation.

Frequently Asked Questions​


Where is my data stored?

Conpago is an Australian made and owned business, with all data securely stored in our data centre in Sydney.

Do we need to purchase hardware?

Conpago can provide hardware through our trusted ICT Partners, as we are not hardware resellers.

What regions do you service?

The Conpago system is now servicing across all of Australia, including regional areas. 

What happened to Pepper?

Pepper is in a ‘humanoid’ retirement village now (with a few old robot pals). He stays connected with his us and his extended family via the Conpago app. Pepper, our original mascot and trusted companion, is now living the quiet life in retirement. Who knows, Pepper may make a surprise appearance again one day!